Friday, December 17, 2010

Ribbon Trees

LOVE LOVE these - working on them now. This would be a whole lot easier with the ruffle foot I asked for Christmas! With 2 little kids, they may be ready in time for NEXT Christmas! ;)

Great job, Shanty2Chic!

Christmas Decor

Dreaming/scheming ways to make these cute things appear in my house!
Don't remember where I saw them, but I need them!

Glitter Ornaments

Found these on Living the Good Life. I know what my kids' teachers are getting next year!

Supplies needed:
glass ornaments from the craft store
Martha Stewart fine glitter
Pledge Floor wax with blue top from Walmart
plastic wrap
ribbon/Cricut cuts
This looks SO easy! And caauute!
Video tutorial here via Everyday Cricut.